Silhouette Eyeglasses - Clip-on Glasses and Their Advantages

Published: 31st January 2011
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Ultra stylish and truly functional, clip-on glasses have been in trend for years. These perfect alternatives of sunglasses are popular for their inexpensive prices while offering same protection and comfort as sunglasses do. Though there are many popular brands that offer these clip-on glasses, clip-ons from Silhouette Eyeglasses are one of the best available in the market.

There are basically three types of clip-ons available for prescription eyeglasses. Standard clip-ons come with a bridge at the center that can be hooked onto the frame of the prescription eyeglasses. This type of Silhouette Eyewear is UV protected and comes with different coatings and tints. Some of the common shapes available include square, oval, and round.

Flip-up clip-ons are also called as magnetic flip-ups as they are lightweight and come with a magnet that attaches the clip-on to the frame. This type of eyewear doesn’t require frequent removal or insertion like other clip-ons.

Magnetic clip-ons are the third type, which come with invisible magnetic clips that attach the clip-on easily to the frame. These clip-ons are usually made from exceptional quality titanium frames.

You will find a variety of clip-ons from Silhouette Eyewear at Best Buy Eyeglasses. Some of the popular models of clip-ons available in the Silhouette Eyeglasses collection exhibited at this online store include Silhouette Rimless 5065, 5058, and 5076 clip-ons. The first model has modified oval shaped lenses and can be worn by both men and women. The next model features oval-shaped lens and comes in polarized brown and gray colors. Made from metal, the polarized oval-shaped Silhouette Rimless 5076 Clip-on is stylish and functional.

Apart from providing 100% UV protection and eliminating glare, these Silhouette Eyeglasses are suitable for use under different lighting conditions as well. Get Silhouette Eyeglasses, Silhouette Eyeglass frames, and designer prescription eyeglasses at reduced prices from Best Buy Eyeglasses.

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